A chance for you to speak openly

Counselling is confidential. What is said remains between you and your counsellor so you don’t have to hold back, though there are some exceptions that may be required by counselling professional bodies. We will be talking about the exceptions in the ‘Getting to Know’ session.

Talking to a counsellor rather then family

It can sometimes be easier to talk to a ‘stranger’ than to family or friends. Your counsellor is focussing on what you say and your need to be heard.

Managing your reactions

It might be difficult to know how to react in all the different new situations you are exposed to. We look at what you can do and avoid doing to make the best out of these situations.

Practical tips for dementia caring

We build on what you are already doing regarding managing the person’s wellbeing, looking at various methods that have proven helpful, and find a way to make them work for you.

Exploring the reasons for how you feel

We will look at the different and possibly new feelings that develop when you look after someone with dementia, which can be extremely hard. You may not be able to prevent some negative feelings that you haven’t felt before from coming up. There are many reasons why this occurs.

Exploring your impact on the person you care for

Our actions and reactions have an effect on other people which is the same when interacting with people with dementia. The difference is that people with dementia may not be able to articulate the reasons why they behave in a certain way.

Coping with negative feelings and stress

You may feel guilty about how you sometimes feel and behave towards the person with dementia, particularly if you notice a build up of resentment towards the person. This can be distressing to experience. We will be listening to you in a non-judgemental way as you talk about your feelings, and look for practical ways going forward.

Learning to "manage" your feelings and behaviour

It may happen that you struggle with unusual or challenging behaviour of the person you are looking after. We look at how this impacts you and what you can do about it.