Carer Counselling allows you to talk openly about how you feel about the person with dementia, and how it changes your life.

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When you are caring for a person with a dementia diagnosis you will realise that it is different from caring for a person with another condition because dementia is complex, unpredictable and most importantly, progressive.

This means that with the current level of medical treatment available, it will not get better over time, though dementia research is progressing at a rapid rate. 

A qualified counsellor with dementia experience

You will be talking to a trained professional, a counsellor, educated to diploma level, with years of experience communicating with carers who look after people with dementia. This might become particularly important when you have to make decisions regarding how best to care for the person with dementia, and help you to accept these decisions.

Talking openly and confidentially

Carer counselling will allow you to explore your feelings in a private and confidential setting. You can talk openly about how you feel about the person with dementia, and how it changes your life.

How we deliver sessions

We offer in-person, Zoom or telephone sessions (or a blend of these).

See In-Person Counselling and Online Counselling for details for details.

Book a "Get-to-Know" session

To book a "Get-to-Know" session (via Zoom or telephone), please use the Contact & Booking form on this website.

Stress, guilt, anxiety and depression

Being a progressive condition, dementia can cause you as a carer to experience stress and guilt, particularly if you want to protect the person with dementia and suppress your thoughts and negative feelings. This can lead to social isolation and embarrassment, resulting in anxiety and depression.

Your questions

Carer counselling is a unique and special therapy for those looking after someone with dementia, and you will have many questions. You can find answers to some questions in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this website.