Dementia Counselling is a talking therapy that helps you to talk about your thoughts and your feelings, and how they affect your mood and day to day life.

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You may struggle to make sense of your diagnosis or the diagnosis of your loved one, and feel lost, confused, vulnerable or anxious.

Dementia Counselling can help you manage your worries and accept your diagnosis.

It has many other potential benefits such as helping you deal with everyday challenges or help you become more able to express your feelings and emotions. These are detailed in the Benefits of Dementia Counselling section of this website

A qualified counsellor with dementia experience

You will be talking to a trained professional with years of experience communicating with people with dementia. The approach to therapy will be adapted to your individual needs, including your specific way of communicating. We will work together to explore what is going on for you and how to best manage going forward.

One-to-one counselling

Our dementia counselling is a one-to-one relationship between yourself and the counsellor. Others, such as carers and family, won't be present in the sessions.

How we deliver sessions

We offer in-person, Zoom or telephone sessions (or a blend of these).

See In-Person Counselling and Online Counselling for details for details.

Book a "Get-to-Know" session

To book a "Get-to-Know" session (via Zoom or telephone), please use the Contact & Booking form on this website.

A confidential relationship

The relationship with your counsellor is confidential, meaning the counsellor will not tell anyone what you talk about in your sessions, apart from some exceptions that may be required by counselling professional bodies. We will be talking about the exceptions in the ‘Get-to-Know’ session.

Your questions

Counselling is a unique and special therapy for those with dementia or those looking after someone with dementia, and you will have many questions. You can find answers to some questions in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this website.