Photo of Jurgen Schwarz

Client confidentiality is an important aspect in therapy. Therefore, I will not disclose any identifiable details about the clients who were so kind to give a brief insight into their counselling or therapy experience.

Generally, these testimonials reflect different gender identities (male, female, transgender, non-binary to name a few) and also different ages (ranging from 19 to 78). 

I can highly recommend Jurgen as a therapist. I felt very comfortable with him from the very first session. He listens very calmly and carefully and asks the right questions that make you think. He was very reliable and conscientious and was able to recall topics from sessions long ago as if we had just talked about them. As I am already feeling better, I have stopped the sessions for the time being, but if I feel worse in the meantime, I will be happy to come back to Jurgens sessions!

When I started counselling I felt out of control with low periods of hopelessness, anxiety around socialising and alcohol abuse. I am now in a much better place. I can control my emotions better. I have no longer got an issue with alcohol. What has helped me was the ability to discuss my issues and be guided towards coming to my own solutions. Jurgen was a very good counsellor.

Jurgen was extremely helpful to me in taking me through a number of practical ways to address stress, anxiety and fear about life changes. His friendly, calm and considered manner made our sessions enjoyable and a time where I felt safe to be honest and open about my feelings. I would highly recommend him.

Jurgen is a great listener, offers me a safe place to talk and is very supportive.

Jurgen provided both a professional and caring environment helping me relax and feel I could talk openly. It can be challenging to explore your deeper self but Jurgen will support you all the way. Thank you for your help!

When I started counselling I was very anxious. I am feeling much more in control now. What helped me was being able to talk about my issues openly which has lead to feeling more open to talk to others.

The counselling really helped me offload a lot of things that were getting me down, and helped me think about why these things were affecting me. We dug deep into past issues and Jurgen helped me make the links to help resolve some of these issues.

I felt listened to, understood and not judged on my behaviours or thoughts. It helped me realise what I need to do to help myself more, but still allow myself to feel my emotions. Jurgen was amazing and kind all throughout.

I was unsure what to expect from attending therapy, though I recognised some changes needed to be made to my life. Jurgen created an open and calm space, and helped me to explore what felt like a tangle of negative experiences to find a means of gently taking control. I felt tangible benefits from our sessions almost immediately, and have left in a much better place.

I was very sceptical and at first found counselling difficult and emotional. As the sessions continued it got easier. Jurgen was excellent – he helped a lot. Still struggling but coping better.

Jurgen helped me through a period of paralysis where I was unable to make any decision. I knew I had to make a massive change and over six weeks of consultations I understood what I had to let go to be able to move forward to a new chapter. Whether the decision is sensible or not just being able to be brave and do it has lifted my spirits and I believe that everything will be all right in the end. It may not be easy but I can move forward again.